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Nordic Choice Club

5. Redeeming bonus points - rates

5.1. To redeem bonus points, members must have sufficient valid bonus points. Bonus nights can be taken up to 11.5 months after the expiry of the bonus points but the reservation of bonus redemption must be done before the bonus points expire. The total cost of the reservation must be covered by bonus points, it is not possible to combine points with other payment types. For cancellations within normal cancellations deadlines, used bonus points can be reverted to the member, assuming that they have not expired. The member should make the reservation of bonus room via My page on our website or via Nordic Choice Hotels’ customer service.

5.2. A certain number of standard rooms in each hotel are allocated to bonus point claims. At certain hotels, there may even be a certain number of rooms in other room categories available for bonus point claims. The booking of bonus nights is subject to availability of rooms allocated to bonus point claim. Even if all bonus rooms are fully booked, there may be free rooms in other price categories.

5.3. “Be my Guest” gift vouchers are valid for a maximum of 12 months and is only valid at the hotels in Nordic Choice Hotels. The validity of the gift card is limited to the validity date of the bonus points. The value of the gift voucher cannot be split across several stays. The gift voucher cannot be used as partial payment for rooms and gift vouchers cannot be combined with other payment types. Gift vouchers validity cannot be extended, nor can their value be reverted to bonus points in a bonus account.

5.4. Extra beds/baby cot can also be booked using points as part of bonus point stays, as long as the respective rooms have capacity to accommodate such beds and the hotel has availability. The bonus point price varies from at different hotels. To pay for an extra bed/baby cot with money instead of points, contact the hotel to add the extra bed/baby cot.

5.5. The following applies for bonus point redemption: Exceptions to the rates quoted above may apply at particular times and during campaigns.

Bonus rooms at Nordic Choice Hotels

Bonus nights apply for two persons including breakfast. Applicable bonus prices and availability at the various hotels can be found on our website by logging in. Members are able to book bonus nights via My page as soon as they have earned at least 7,500 bonus points.

There are 7 categories for bonus point redemption for standard rooms:

Category 1 – 7,500 points per night

Category 2 – 10,000 points per night

Category 3 – 15,000 points per night

Category 4 – 20,000 points per night

Category 5 – 25,000 points per night

Category 6 – 30,000 points per night

Category 7 – 40,000 points per night

Nordic Choice Hotels reserves the right to change the categorisation system at any time.

Restaurant visits at Nordic Choice Hotels

Members may use an even number of 10,000 bonus points to the value of 300 NOK/SEK/DKK to pay for meals at a Nordic Choice Hotels owned restaurant. Please contact the hotel in advance to confirm that it is possible to use points in the restaurant and to reserve a table. No change is given when redeeming bonus points in restaurants.

Donation of bonus points to one of our charity partners.

Members may, via the points shop on our website, donate an even number of 10,000 bonus points to a value of 300 SEK/NOK/DKK to the Nordic Choice Club’s charity partners.

Bonus rooms at selected Choice Hotels in Europe

One bonus night at selected Choice hotels in Europe costs from 10,000 bonus points. An overview of the hotels where this applies and the relevant bonus point costs is published on our website under the Nordic Choice Club’s European page.

Car rental from our partners

Members have the opportunity to rent a car through one of our partners by ordering a voucher which can be used to pay for certain types of car rental. The voucher is available from 25,000 bonus points. For further details about ordering, included partners, rental periods and terms and conditions, please visit Nordic Choice Club's partner websites.

Gift vouchers from selected partners

Once they have earned at least 3,500 bonus points, members can use these points to purchase gift vouchers from selected partners via the points shop on our website.

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