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CSR in Nordic Choice Hotels

Animal Welfare

Together with our partner WWF, we have developed a "red list" of products that we don't serve.

The list contains meat and fishes that contribute to pollution, exstinction or mistreatment of animals. 

Diversity of Species

  • The world's species was reduced by 40 % between 1970 and 2000.
  • 90 % of the biggest fishes in the world's oceans have disappeared in just a few decades
  • several species faces a constant risk for exstinction – in both the Nordics and the rest of the world


We don't serve species that risk exstinction or are treated in a way that causes other negative effects on the environment.  

In Sweden we don't serve …

  • Swedish catfish, blue and yellow finned tuna, Swedish halibut, swedish haddock, redfish, cod from especially exposed seas, eal, scampi, coastal cod and shark. 
  • All our cod is certified by the internation MSC standard. 

In Norway we don't serve …

  • Blue and yellow finned tuna, especially exposed cod spieces, eal, sword fish, shark and rayfish.
  • We only serve Norwegian lobster during the fishing season. Other times of year we serve Canadian lobster to prevent contributing to the the Norwegian lobster being exstinct. 


  • We don't serve fois gras because of the unethical and painful production methods used.
  • we don't serve beef from Belgian Blue, since they've been genetically manipulated in a way that causes health problems for the animals.
  • We don't serve prime veal (veal bred on milk only) since the method is painful for the animals. 

Palm oil

We avoid products containing palm oil and will not use any palm oil products from 2015 and forward. Palm oil is contributing to the rain forest being deforested. Palm oil is used in a lot of products like margarine, chocolate, biscuits, potato chips, soups, cosmetics, moisturizers, detergents and fuel.

A decreased use of palm oil is recommended for both environmental and health reasons. 

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