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CSR in Nordic Choice Hotels


Since 2008 Nordic Choice Hotels cooperates with UNICEF. Through Free to Grow we are helping children to a childhood free of violence, abuse and exploitation.

According to UNICEF, 132 million children are engaged in child labour, annually 1.2 million children are subjected to trafficking and millions of children have their childhoods destroyed as child soldiers or street children. This is the backdrop to our latest project. Free to Grow is all about giving children a childhood free of violence, abuse and exploitation. Nordic Choice staff has voted yes to engaging in this initiative.

UNICEF helps children and young people in 150 countries to a better life. We believe in the values UNICEF upholds. The results we have achieved together show that we have chosen the right partner. Through Free to Grow we make life a little easier for children around the world.


Every minute counts

Every autumn we become active for Free to Grow.

Physical activity gives you a little extra for the day! The health authorities recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day. Every autumn we place an emphasis on physical health. For every half-hour an employee spends working out, we donate NOK 15 to UNICEF and our project Free to Grow. In 2014, 3,520 active employees made it possible to donate NOK 659,143 to UNICEF, and 2,234 children rescued from human trafficking will have the opportunity to go to school.

Water for Life

Between 2008 and 2010, we cooperated successfully with UNICEF to water projects in poor countries. Donations was partly given from how much the staff exercised, which gave healthier employees while also helping our contribution to the project. 

This is what we have achieved through Water for Life

2008: Malawi

  • Eight elementary schools got new wells with hand pumps and new latrines for boys and girls
  • Increased knowledge about clean water, hand hygiene and sanitary conditions at schools and in local village communities

2009: Nepal

  • 75 schools got their own toilets for boys and girls
  • 7,000 families got proper toilet facilities
  • Children learned about water, sanitary and hygiene conditions in schools, at home and in their local community
  • Improved sanitary conditions and increased knowledge about personal hygiene among 15,000 pupils at 75 schools, as well as 40,000 people in the local community surrounding the schools.

2010: Madagascar

  • Built water, sanitary and hygiene facilities for 1,680 school children in two districts
  • 40 teachers completed  training
  • Built water posts and organic latrines
  • Trained pupils at 14 schools in hand hygiene

We all have a responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves, whether it's in our neighbourhood or far away. This is also true of Nordic Choice. We are proud to have employees who want to take responsibility outside the hotel doors.


50 for life

50 for Life, is our humanitarian relief campaign. All proceeds go to UNICEF’s humanitarian relief work in disaster areas. The 2011 hunger and drought catastrophe in the Horn of Africa was the worst to hit the region in more than 60 years. UNICEF was there, distributing therapeutic food, vaccines and vitamins for affected children. Through the “50 for Life” program our guests had the option to add 50 NOK to their bill when checking out. During the month of September we raised 200,000 NOK. Nordic Choice matched that sum. In total, our guests provided 400,000 NOK for the affected children in the Horn of Africa. 

We've also raised funds in similar manners for the earthquake victims of Haiti and the typhhoon victims in the Philipines.

Rainforest collaboration

When the rainforest is destroyed, huge amounts of the climate gas CO2 is released. Nordic Choice will do its utmost to prevent this from happening. Hence, we cooperate with the Rainforest Foundation Norway to conserve large areas of rainforest. For every customer night we preserve 100 m2 of rain forrest through Norwegian Regnskogsfonden. 

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