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CSR in Nordic Choice Hotels

Social responsibility

Taking on responsibilities inside the hotels are obvious, but to us so are taking on responsibilities outside the hotel doors – be it serving food to the homeless of the city or organizing a marathon for UNICEF.

No matter which chain or hotel – this is part of the Nordic Choice soul. It is embedded in our culture and our corporate vision.

We all have a responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves, whether it's in our neighbourhood or far away. This is also true of Nordic Choice. We are proud to have employees who want to take responsibility outside the hotel doors.

The hotels live up to their responsibility

By displaying energy, courage and enthusiasm we want to create a better world. Our hotels back up this philosophy by adopting practical measures.

Read more about our local corporate social responsibility initiatives

Free to Grow – collaboration with UNICEF

Our collaboration with UNICEF began in 2008 – working together to provide more children with clean water. We continue our collaboration through the project Free to Grow. Together with UNICEF, we want to give children who are victims of violence, abuse and sexual exploitation a safer everyday life. Read more about Free to Grow here

Water for Life

Our collaboration with UNICEF started in 2008 with the project Water for Life. Its aim is to provide access to clean water for a greater number of children in the world.

Read more about Water for life

50 for life

50 for Life, is our humanitarian relief campaign. All proceeds go to UNICEF’s humanitarian relief work in disaster areas. The 2011 hunger and drought catastrophe in the Horn of Africa was the worst to hit the region in more than 60 years. UNICEF was there, distributing therapeutic food, vaccines and vitamins for affected children. Through the “50 for Life” program our guests had the option to add 50 NOK to their bill when checking out. During the month of September we raised 200,000 NOK. Nordic Choice matched that sum. In total, our guests provided 400,000 NOK for the affected children in the Horn of Africa. Previously we have also collected money for the earthquake victims of Haiti, raising a total of 600,000 NOK.

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