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CSR in Nordic Choice Hotels

Local engagement

Our corporate social responsibility begins in our own neighbourhood. Working locally creates good results, rare meetings between people and an opportunity to tell our guests good stories.

Through our 12,000 strong and enthusiastic workforce we can influence what happens around us. The hotels and the management do this together. Our hotels want to be a good and responsible neighbour. This creates added value in the local community, as well as pride and enthusiasm in our staff. This has become part of our Nordic Choice culture. We believe that nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something:

Lonely Christmas tree seeking presents

In 2012 and 2013, we collected almost 80,000 Christmas gifts for disadvantaged children and youth in our hotels' own neighbourhoods. We are doing the same in 2014 and you are welcome to join us. Buy a present, write the gender and age on it and place it under the Christmas tree at one of our hotels. For every donated gift, we will give NOK 10 to UNICEF and our Free to Grow project, which provides protection and education for children rescued from human trafficking.


Children should celebrate Christmas

Quality Hotel Alexandra makes sure many children in Molde experience a safe and memorable Christmas. In cooperation with The Red Cross, the hotel invites families from the local refugee reception centre and women’s shelter to a Christmas celebration, featuring food, gifts and activities. The management and staff work voluntarily to make it a memorable night.

A day of light among a series of dark ones

Quality Spa & Resort Norefjell is the best hotel of all when it comes to corporate social responsibility in Nordic Choice. This hotel has been engaged in the local community in several ways for many years. Once a year, the hotel organises a day of activities for underprivileged youth, in cooperation with Children’s Red Cross – an entire day filled with positive experiences, which help the children hope for a better life.

A new chance for youth who struggle

Quality Hotel Ekoxen in Linköping is collaborating with Unga Kris (Young offenders’ rights in society). The hotel wants to contribute to giving youth who have dropped out of school a fresh start. These young people are coached and trained by the hotel staff, and the hotel provides trainee positions.

Staff invited to show initiative

Lithuanian staff at Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport collects used toys and clothes on their own initiative. The transportation is free, as Lithuanian truck drivers bring the toys and clothes back in their cars and distribute it among the needy. The entire hotel supports the initiative.

Joy of Life for the Elderly at Quality Airport Hotel in Stavanger

Each year, in cooperation with the organisation Joy of Life for the Elderly, Quality Airport Hotel Stavanger invite residents at the city’s homes for the elderly to a ball – with music, food and drink. The aim of this foundation is to provide a bit of joie de vivre to the lives of elderly people who need daily care. The ball is an annual fixture, and the hotel provides premises, food, drink and music. 150 elderly people and their consorts come together for a night where they are the centre of attention.

Master chefs for The Church City Mission 

Every Christmas, Clarion Collection Grand Bodø opens its doors to the users of The Church City Mission. Members of the Norwegian Culinary Association (Kokkenes mesterlaug) prepare the food for this Christmas feast. The hotel staff volunteers to provide the service and make it happen. These people, who in their daily lives do not encounter much respect, experience a night to remember. The experience is also valuable to the hotel staff.

The Nordic Choice main office provides mothers and children at the Oslo Crisis Center with a welcome break from everyday life

Staff at the main office in Oslo wishes to give mothers and their children a break from everyday life. In addition to activity nights, they organised a trip to Quality Spa & Resort Norefjell. The goal was to give mothers and their children, as well as colleagues from the main office, memorable experiences to carry away with them. It turned out to be a trip to remember . Several of the children had never been outside Oslo. To be able to spend three days in beautiful surroundings, to go canoeing, to conquer the climbing wall, to swim in the pool, to dance the zumba, to enjoy the spa facilities, to get some help with the children or in general, or just get a break from everyday life, meant a lot. It was especially valuable to the mothers to see their children being able to be just that, children, making the most of all the facilities so generously provided by QR Norefjell.


Clarion Collection Hotel Temperance

Cooperates with The Salvation Army, by collecting Christmas gifts every year. Last year they collected 740 gifts, which were given to needy children in Malmö. In addition, every Saturday they make soup for the humanitarian organisation Soup for Warmth, which distributes soup to the homeless. The hotel is also cooperating with the local council to give challenged youth role models and contacts within the business community.


Christmas gifts from children to children

Clarion Collection Hotel Victoria organise a Christmas gift event, where Swedish children give gifts to children of their age in Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and Georgia. Every year, Swedish children send 30,000 Christmas gifts to schools and children’s homes in these countries.

Clarion Hotel Gillet supports ‘Grottan’, a homeless shelter

Every year the staff celebrates a Christmas feast with the residents of ‘Grottan’. The hotel provides food and drink and the party is held at ‘Grottan’. Recently, the hotel organised an auction, raising money for this important place in Uppsala.

Quality Hotel Tønsberg is doing something similar.

The hotel began this tradition in 2007. In cooperation with The Church City Mission, The Red Cross and The Salvation Army, the hotel invites addicts and homeless people to a traditional Christmas feast with an abundant dessert table. The staff volunteers to make it happen.


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