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Clarion Hotel is hunting for Finland’s most passionate service talents!

Save the date: May 9 at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki.

One new hotel chain, two new hotels – Clarion has landed in Finland

Clarion Hotel Helsinki and Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport are opening in October 2016. Now we are looking for dedicated and creative talents with true passion for service – beyond the ordinary. Together with the right people we want to increase the quality of life for both guests and colleagues. You don’t need previous experience in the industry, but you need to have the energy, courage and enthusiasm with the desire to join our team.

Clarion is part of Nordic Choice Hotels. Find our hotels in nordicchoicehotels.com.

Want to join us? Talent Hunt 2016 is looking for you! 

To join the Talent Hunt you need to apply for one of our available positions. Everyone that applies will receive an invitation to the Talent Hunt on May 9th. Click on the link below to see our available positions.


Why Talent Hunt?

We believe that great service doesn’t need to involve years of experience, but rather personality and creativity when meeting with our guests. This is why one of our priorities when opening a new Clarion Hotel is the Talent Hunt, in which people from near and far, with and without experience will have the same opportunity to audition and show us what they’ve got for two minutes.

What happens at the audition?

At the audition, you’ll get two minutes to convince the jury that you are the right person to work with us. Everyone has an equal opportunity to introduce themselves. You don’t need to sing or act but you must dare to stand on the stage and show your personality in a short presentation. Tell us briefly who you are and what your best qualities are, what you value in life – or why not show us your special talent? You will get information of your progress in the recruitment process by email one to two weeks after the Talent Hunt is over.

Who can participate in the audition?

Everyone! You don’t need previous experience from the industry. The main requirement is that you dare to stand on stage and tell us why you are suitable to work with us.

How to register for the Talent Hunt? 

Register by applying for one of our available positions. You will find all of them by clicking on the link above. You only need to register once, even though you are interested in several positions. During the recruitment process, you will get several opportunities to express your interest for multiple positions. You will get more information after the registration

How to prepare for the Talent Hunt

• Bring a printed CV with your contact information and a photo of yourself
• Prepare an oral presentation on why you would be suitable to work at Clarion Hotel. Make sure you presentation is no longer than 2 minutes. 
• For questions and more information, you will have plenty of time to ask and mingle with our employees at our mini exhibition.

How long will the audition take?

Talent Hunt will take around three hours. Come early! After arriving you will register and receive an audition number. Then you will have the opportunity to mingle at our mini exhibition and attend several inspirational lectures. You won’t have an exact time for your audition but your number will get called in when it’s your time to go on stage.

Who is the jury?

The jury consists of representatives from the management of Clarion Hotel Helsinki, Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport and Nordic Choice Hotels. We will also have our customers and partners help us select the best talents. The jury will help you to bring out your best.

Not able to join Talent Hunt?

We don’t want you to miss this opportunity – therefore, it is possible for you to send in a video audition. Click on the regitration link above and you will be able to upload your file. The video audition can, - as the live auditions, be no longer than 2 minutes.  

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