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About Nordic Choice Hotels

Nordic Choice Hotels Corporate Management

Below you can find out more about Nordic Choice Hotels' Corporate Management with personal profiles of the team.

Please contact the Nordic Choice Hotels press department if you would like to get in touch with our Corporate Management. This information was updated on 11 January, 2021.

Torgeir Silseth, Chief Excecutive Officer på Nordic Choice Hotels

Torgeir Silseth

Chief Executive Officer

Torgeir started his career at Nordic Choice Hotels at the Quality Hotel Hafjell, where he was managing director from 1991-1996. He then worked as Director of Operations Scandinavia until 1999, before appointed as Vice President. He took over as CEO of Nordic Choice Hotels in 2006. Torgeir is a graduate of the Norwegian School of Hotel Management in Stavanger. 

Bjørn Arild Wisth, Deputy CEO på Nordic Choice Hotels

Bjørn Arild Wisth

Deputy CEO

Bjørn Arild joined Nordic Choice Hotels from Hartmark Consulting, a leading consulting firm in Norway, where he was CEO. He has more than 14 years' experience of providing consulting services within business development, strategy and management to Norwegian and international companies. Wisth has a degree in political science from the University of Oslo and the University of Wales.


Katalin Paldeak, Chief Operating Officer på Nordic Choice Hotels

Katalin Paldeak

Chief Operating Officer, Nordic Choice Hotels

Katalin has extensive experience of the hotel industry, having held positions at a variety of hotels including the Hotel Diplomat and Good Morning Hotels. She was CEO of the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm from 2001-2003, and previously served as hotel manager there. Katalin has worked at Nordic Choice Hotels since 2004, notably as  Vice President of Clarion Hotel® from 2005-2014. Katalin is a graduate of the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg, and has also studied at IFL and Cornell University in the United States. 


Trond Bastiansen, Chief Operating Officer på Nordic Hotels & Resorts

Trond Bastiansen

Chief Operating Officer, Nordic Hotels & Resorts

Trond joined Nordic Choice Hotels in 2007 as Director of Operations for Quality Hotel in Norway, having previously served as Vice President of Dolly Dimple's restaurants. From 2011-2014, Trond was Senior Vice President of Clarion Collection® Hotel. He has also been Assistant Professor and later Dean at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management in Stavanger. Trond has a Master's in International Hotel Management from the Norwegian School of Hotel Management and Cornell University. 


Fredric Landell, CEO på Nordic Property Management

Fredric Landell

CEO, Nordic Property Management 

Fredric joined Nordic Choice Hotels in 2020 and has been working with hotel properties since 2003. He has previously worked with ÅF and Synerco Facilities Management, and since 2007 has also been running his own companies Campdio Fastighetsförvaltning and Vimini Projektledning och Fastighetsförvaltning. Fredric holds an MSC in Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. 


Carl Oldsberg, Chief Digital Officer på Nordic Choice Hotels

Carl Oldsberg

Chief Digital Officer, Nordic Choice Hotels

Carl has more than 20 years experience from the hotel and travel industry. He has previously worked at Choice Hotels International, where he was in charge of the franschise business outside of USA with 1300 hotels in more than 30 countries. Before that he was VP Revenue and Distribution at Nordic Choice Hotels. Carl is a graduate of

Lisa has extensive experience of digital sales, marketing and development within e-commerce and the travel industry, both in Scandinavia as well as globally. Lisa joined Nordic Choice Hotels in January 2016, having previously been Managing Director of Groupon and eBookers/Mr Jet. Lisa is a graduate of the University of Westminster in London, and has also studied at the London School of Economics. 


Trine Lise Marsdal, Chief Financial Officer på Nordic Choice Hotels

Trine Lise Marsdal

Chief Financial Officer, Nordic Choice Hotels

Trine is an economics graduate and certified accountant from the BI Norwegian Business School. She has extensive experience of working as a consultant within governance, controlling and process management. She joined Nordic Choice Hotels in 2016, having previously served as CFO of Optimera in Norway. 


Eirik Bogsnes, Executive Vice President, Hotel Services

Eirik Bogsnes

Executive Vice President, Hotel Services

Eirik has more than ten years' experience of operational leadership at Schibstedt, Amedia and TV2. Prior to joining Nordic Choice Hotels in 2016, he managed A-pressen's operations in Russia, and served as Executive Vice President of Amedia with a responsibility for digital strategy and development. Eirik is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School.


Daniel Stenbäck, Chief Development Officer på Nordic Choice Hotels

Daniel Stenbäck

Chief Development Officer, Nordic Choice Hotels

Daniel has more than 20 years' experience of hotels and travel in the Nordics. He has previously served as CEO of First Hotels, Senior Vice President of Nordic Hotels & Resorts, Managing Director of the Clarion Hotel® Post and Managing Director of Gothia Towers. He is Chairman of the Visita Region Väst trade association and a board member of Visita Sverige. 

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