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About Nordic Choice Hotels

Corporate agreements for small business owners

Get a corporate agreement with Nordic Choice Hotels – we're all over the Nordic Choice Hotels and Baltic countries!

Looking for an advantageous corporate agreement with one of the largest hotel chains in Scandinavia? We wish you a warm welcome as a corporate customer with Nordic Choice Hotels! When you stay with us, you get value for money in comfortable, modern accommodation with a choice of over 180 hotels at over 100 destinations.

Here's why our corporate agreement is ideal for small businesses:

  • Discounts –With a corporate agreement, all your accommodation with us is at a discounted rate.
  • Coverage – We have over 180 hotels at over 100 destinations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania. From 2016 we are also in Finland.
  • Simplicity - You book your room quickly and conveniently via our website, for yourself and others. Just as easily on your mobile phone as on your laptop.
  • You earn bonus points – You earn bonus points and can quickly get free bonus nights through our membership club Nordic Choice Club.
  • Great WiFi coverageNaturally we offer free WiFi in all our 180 hotels.
  • Customer Service Our knowledgeable Customer service is available to you by phone, email or live chat seven days a week until 8pm.


Get a corporate agreement with Nordic Choice Hotels

Send in a notice of interest and let us know your requirements and we will be in touch. A warm welcome to our prospective customers!



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